What is your Return Policy?

We are sure that you will love our products, but if you don’t, 1911 Apparel will accept items back within 60 days that are in new condition (unworn, unwashed, defect free, not gross smelling,  etc.) for a refund of your order amount – minus original shipping amount paid.

Refunds will be applied back to the original payment source.

What if I ordered the wrong size?

No problem. Just email us letting us know and then ship the item back to us in new condition and we will ship you the correct size.  

If you notice you ordered the wrong size before shipping, please email us at: support@1911apparel.com as soon as possible to notify us of the problem. 

What is considered “new condition” on returned items?

When an item is returned to 1911 Apparel, we  will make a fair determination if this item is new conditions. 

Generally speaking, if the item is not: damaged, soiled, dirty, bad smelling, etc.  then it will be considered new. 

Essentially, return it like you received it. 

What if I return an item that is no longer in print?

If the return is made within 60 days, we will issue a store credit for the original purchase amount – minus shipping.

What if my item(s) arrives damaged?

Send us an email at: support@1911apparel.com with a description and picture of the defect and we will make sure you are taken care of. 

Are 1911 Apparel products made in the USA?

There is a lot that goes into “making” one of our shirts.  

We spend a long time, up to weeks or even months designing our shirts using local Utah talent to help us in the graphic design aspect. We then take those designs to our local print shop, Badger Printing and work with them to get all of our shirts printed. 

Badger gets the blank shirts to print our design on from an American company that has the blanks sewn typically in Central America. Badger then bags and tags all the shirts for us in their shop by hand here in Cache Valley Utah. 

We get the finished shirts and store them at our headquarters (my house) here in Smithfield, Utah. Our team, Darron and our spouses, help us fill and ship out orders from Smithfield, Utah. We then use a local team to help us with our Facebook and Instagram ads to help sell our shirts.  

Using this system we are able to help employ dozens of Americans. We are then able to use any profits to help fund our mission to help fellow veterans. As we grow and hire our own employees we plan on hiring veterans. With most of the items we buy, there are many steps that go into making the product. We try to have as many of those steps not only done in the US but done by local veterans in our community.  

How will I know if your shirt will fit me correctly?

Check out our sizing guide HERE to get the best possible fit.

Can I use more than one coupon?

Everyone likes a deal, but choose wisely as you can only use one!

What are our shipping times?

We will ship your order typically within 2 business days, unless some kind of pandemic hits. We strive to ship things out ASAP so we hope it is sooner but we will send out an email with a tracking number to keep you up to date.

For standard shipping plan for 3-5 business days from day of order.

Why did you choose the name 1911 Apparel?

The bill of rights is the foundation of our country, and we believe the 2nd amendment to be one of its most important amendments.

We wanted to pick a name that showed our pride in American’s rights to protect themselves by bearing arms. 

The 1911 handgun holds an important place in our history. It was the standard-issue gun for the US military from 1911 to 1986.  It was widely used in WW1, WW2, Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Even better, it was developed by John Browning in the good ol’ state of Utah!