Veteran Owed and Operated from the Mountains of Northern Utah.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


1911 Apparel is a web-based ecommerce company that carries a wide variety of patriotic apparel and

accessories, ie..shirts, hats, stickers, mugs, etc. These products can be found at our online store at or on Facebook and Instagram.

This document describes the information we collect when an order is placed on our online store and

how that information is treated.


 As part of fulfilling an order for our customers, we will collect: name, email, and shipping address.

Any payment information that is collected is not stored by 1911 Apparel and is maintained only by

Shopify or PayPal. Payment information will not be kept by 1911 Apparel at any time.


The website may include widgets or pixels that collect information on those that are using our website.

These widgets or pixels may collect IP address as well as add cookies to your browsing. Each pixel or

company (Facebook, Google) maintains their own privacy policy on their page.


1911 Apparel will use your information in confidentiality and will not sell or transfer that information to

any other third parties. We will only use your information as part of internal marketing and newsletter

to let our followers know about our specials, new products, and what we are doing to help the veteran

and patriotic communities.


You can unsubscribe from these updates on any of the emails we send out.

We take the security of our community very serious. If we are aware of any security issues that may

arise, we will notify you as soon as we are made aware.

You can reach 1911 Apparel with any questions related to your personal information at:

Contact Information for 1911 Apparel:

573 South 1080 East

Smithfield, Utah 84335