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The Short Squeeze

What we are seeing is going to be something we sill study for years to come. It will be interesting to see which party the regulators try to go after for this market manipulation - the Reddit crowd or the financial institutions. Whither it is cryptocurrency, or the financial revolutionaries on Reddit, one thing is for certain and it’s that the little guy is growing tired of those ruling the system.

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Support vs Resistance

Life is not easy, nor should it be.It’s that struggle that makes us stronger.The key in all of this is to maintain an upward trajectory.That doesn’t mean that every day has to be an up day.That would be crazy to expect.But it is vitally important we keep the direction of our progress in an upward trend.

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When Others are Scared

We are seeing the opposite of greed today; we are seeing fear.People are selling stocks and running for the doors.When enough people sell, that causes stock prices to drop.When everyone is selling, that causes them to plummet.This is when you find opportunities – or in Warren Buffets words, when we should be greedy.  

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